I would personally recommend Craig Travis and Affiniti Yacht Brokerage to anyone looking to make a well informed purchase through the services of a professional and knowledgable Yacht Broker. My wife and I had a great experience using Craig to find our 74′ Hatteras CPMY. We are very picky people who have owned boats our whole life. We were looking at various boats, not really knowing what to look for in a larger yacht.

As a very tall person, I need to have extra headroom for comfort. Craig directed us to yachts that had more headroom immediately. We explained our requirements to Craig and he was very accommodating, showing us exactly what we were looking for. He took the time to explain what to look for and made great recommendations to get us in the right boat. What we originally desired was not a good fit for our needs. If we used a different broker and purchased what we thought we wanted , we would have been selling it in a year or two. We are thankful we did not go with a different broker.

We wanted a “blue water boat” to use in the Caribbean. Quickly, we learned that most of these brands did not have the keels and bottom design we needed and were just high dollar coastal yachts. At first we were reluctant as we were warned about yacht brokers, many we had previously met whose only goal is to close a deal and get paid.

Craig is different than the average broker, he proved that he actually cared about getting us in the right boat. After having the boat for about a year and knowing what we have learned, there is not doubt that Craig did a fantastic job. Not only did he consistently schedule appointments for Yachts that met our needs, he always arrived on time. Craig provided us with a great education that helped us understand the best yacht for our needs. His knowledge and patience were invaluable. At both yacht and engine survey time, Craig referred us to the most reliable and knowledgeable surveyors and mechanics. We did not buy the first boat surveyed due to an issue with the engines that was brought to our attention by the surveyor with specific evidence that validated the issue.

These guys were real professionals who care about their reputations. The closing went smooth as silk and again Craig looked out for us. We are very pleased with our purchase. If we did not meet Craig there is no doubt that would have purchased the wrong vessel and would have to go through selling it and buying another in a year or two. Craig did a fantastic job. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a yacht. I hope your yacht purchase will be as fun and rewarding as ours.

-Mark Schulting ★ ★ ★ ★ ★