Jason “Tiny” Walcott

Capt. Jason “Tiny” Walcott Is a U.S.C.G 200 Ton Master Captain for 19 years who was raised in Ft. Lauderdale. His passion for saltwater fishing at a young age lead him offshore fishing on many local charter boats. At 19 yrs he started traveling the Caribbean tournament circuit. Fishing in the Bahamas Cayman Islands, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, Brazil, Bermuda and Venezuela. After winning numerous tournaments. He focused on world record fishing and traveling aboard several famous mothership operations including the “French Look” and “The Madam and The Hooker”. These operations took him to worlds best Marlin fisheries from West Africa to Japan and the South Pacific. After breaking  several World Records he then moved to Kona, Hawaii in pursuit of giant marlin. After honing is skills on a global level. He eventually found himself back operating private mothership operations on the Atlantic tournament circuit. He is also the founder and  instructor at Sportfishing Academy and has obtained numerous mechanical certifications.  Capt.Tiny’s knowledge of sportfishing yachts and 28 years worldwide experience is an asset to our team and customers.

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